The Luhmacy

Howdy, mis amigos!
The title- “It’s Time to Choose” is completely right.
Because, right as this chapter was released, so was an heir poll! *insert fit of excitement here*
Get ready to choose your Generation 2 heir(ess)! *insert another fit of excitement here*
We just left off where a mysterious cake appeared on the Luhm’s counter!

(The cake is a lie…)
On with the story!

Asy: WOOOO! GO TRAAACE, GO TRAAACE, IT’S YA B-DAY, IT’S Y B-DAY! And I mean that quite literally.
Yes, it’s Trace’s teenage birthday! They grow up so fast. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
That’s why we’re having an heir poll at the end of the chapter, duh.

Say Trace, what are you going to wish for?
Trace: You can trick dear Kynthia into telling her wish, BUT YOU’LL NEVER FOOL ME, SUCKER!
Th-th-that’s h-h-h-hurtful…:(

Trace: Hooray! Go me!

And Trace exploded into a hormone-infested teenager in a shower of sparkles!

Trace: Eh? Eh? Do I look good or do I look good?
I pick “or”.

I made over Trace, and yes, I gave him a Soul Patch, just for the lulz.
Also, he gained the trait Heavy Sleeper for his birthday, JUST because he got a B!

Trace went to show off his “schmecksay” new abs on the treadmill…in his swimwear…

Then he went to rob forage in the neighbor’s trashcan, just like his mother.
I just love that face! ๐Ÿ™‚

When Trace was out robbing foraging, I saw this lady.
Man, looks like Belle reeeeally let herself go there, eh?
What would the Beast say? ๐Ÿ˜•

He also found this GIGANTIC rock in their TRASH CAN. THEIR TRASH CAN!
How does that even FIT in there?!

When Kynnie got home I noticed that she was a little….pudgier…
Calm. Down!

Now, it’s time for the interviews! ๐Ÿ˜€
Heeyyyy Cas!
Cas: Oh hello, Voice.
I just wanted to ask a couple questions about the upcoming heir poll.
Cas: Heir poll? Ha, I’m probably only going to get pity votes.
Hey! I know that there are people out there that like you!

Cas: You know, I don’t really want to be the heiress.
Why not?
Cas: Well, you know, I’ve already had a screwy childhood, so I really just want to have a normal life and a normal family.
But when you’re the heiress, you’ll go down in the legacy’s history! No one’s gonna care about a spare!
Cas: Yeah, I know, but I don’t really care about leaving my fingerprints, I just want to live a happy life.

So, are you really sure you don’t want to be the heiress?
Cas: Not really.
Eheh, I think that it would be awesome if Cas actually did turn out to be the winner, but I know you all love dear little evil Kynnie-kins.
Speaking of her, here’s her interview!

Hey Kyn, whatcha doin’?
Kynnie: Homework. *grumblemumble*
It’s 7:00 in the morning, why didn’t you do it last night?
Kynnie: *grumblemumble*
Are you still depressed that you’re gaining weight?
Ah, there’s the Kynnie we all know and love!

So, why do you think you should be the heiress?
Kynnie: Well, I wanna be the heiress because I said so.
Because I said so?
Kynnie: Nooooo, because I said so!
Sigh… Same thing, smart one.
Kynnie: And if you don’t vote for me for the heiress, you’ll be sorry when I take over the world! Whoever votes for me can be in my secret organization of DOOM! MUAHAHAHHAHA!
Uh, okay then. I think that’s all we need to know.
On to Trace!

Hi Trace! What’s with the face?
O…K… Now, I’m going to interview you, okay?
Trace: Oh my god! I’m getting FAAAAMOOOOUUSSSS!
Not so loud okay? Now, I’m going to ask you questions about this heir poll that’s-
Trace: Heir poll? What heir poll?
You mean…you don’t know?
Trace: Erm…no?

Well…this is a legacy challenge.
Trace: A what now?
It’s where 10 generations of one family-
Trace: It smells in here.
What does that have to do with anything?
Trace: You asked what was up with my face earlier.
So? Aren’t you going to answer the questions I’m going to ask you?
Trace: What questions?
You know what…just, never mind then.

Now that you’ve…er…heard what the candidates are thinking about this upcoming heir poll, it’s time to vote!

Name: Cascadia “Cas” Luhm
LTW: Max out Martial Arts + Athletic Skills (don’t know the specific name ^.^;)
Traits: Green Thumb, Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined
Eldest Child

Name: Kynthia “Kynnie” “Kyn” “Kynnie-kins” Luhm
LTW: None yet
Traits: Evil, Snob, Artistic, Genius
Middle Child

Name: Trace “Trace” Luhm
LTW: None yet
Traits: Athletic, Insane, Good, Heavy Sleeper
Youngest Child

SQUEAL! I tend to get excited over the little things (excitable much?) and this is my first official heir poll! ๐Ÿ˜€
I’ll post a new chapter with the new heir(ess) a day or two after the heir poll’s over!

Thanks for reading, and make sure to vote here:

Wowee! I haven’t posted a new chapter in a reaaaaally long time. ^.^; Sorry about that.
Oh, and by the way, happy Memorial Day!
Anyways, we left off where Trace aged up to a child (and wouldn’t put a shirt on.)
Let’s see what he’s up to now, shall we?

What are you doing?
Trace: I’m the PP!
The what now?
Trace: The PP! The Playground Pimp!
I’m not even going to ask…

Trace: Playground Pimp, AWAY!
So you’re not dropping this gangster act…

Trace: SHA-ZAM! Playground Pimp! Should that be my catchphrase? SHA-ZAM! Playground Pimp!
Oh dear god…

In other unrelated news, Cas went over to this guy’s house. Recognize him?
Aha, I bet you don’t.
This is Othello, from that one party in Chapter 1.6. Remember now? (I still bet you don’t ^.^;)

So, they welcome each other with a hug, and-
Aw, screw it. Let’s cut to the chase here.

Congratulations Cas, meet your new mate, but for now he’s just your boyfriend.
Cas: Say what now?

Kynnie: Oh Trace, your a child now.
Kynnie: O….K… So, I was going to give you one last chance to be my minion when I take over the world. Do you accept?
Trace: AHAHAH-no.
Kynnie: Are you sure? I mean, it’s a pretty all-inclusive package and whatnot.
Trace: No means no! TALK TO THA HAND, SISTAH!

Wow Trace, just wow.

That’s when I realized it was Kynnie’s birthday.
Time flies, yes, time flies.
Kynnie: You sound old.

Kynnie: Trace, stop that.
Kynnie: Urgh…

What are you wishing for, world domination?
Kynnie: No, I’m wishing for a bazillion more wishes!
HA! Now it won’t come true because you told me!
Kynnie: CURSE YOU!!!

What’s wrong, Trace? No party horn?
Trace: Don’t be silly, Voicey Dear, that would be annoying.

AHHHHHH! GET TO THE MIRROR, KYNNIE! *insert Batman theme here*
Kynnie: Shut it!

Hey Kynnie, your kind of pudgy like Cas too.
Yeesh, touch-y!

The next day, Trace went to school in his tuxedo. Gotta love insane Sims.
Trace: SHA-ZAM! Playground Pimp! In a tuxedo!

After school, Kynnie started running on the treadmill.
That’s…quite a…nice…outfit you got there.
Kynnie: When I’m all skinny and sexy, you’re going to be jealous!
Surrrrre I will.

Also after school, Othello came over.
Othello: Woah, wait! I’m dating Cas!
Billy: Oh. Okay. So, did you watch the Llamas game last night? They had a strong start, but their defense pretty much disappeared in the last half.

Then, when Billy went inside, they made out.

Oh, you’re skinny now.
Please don’t swear.
Kynnie: I will do whatever I damn please!

What, are you doing this to spite me?
Kynnie: Maaaaaybeeee…

Okay Kynnie, it’s the morning, you can stop now.

Eventually, Kynnie did stop running, and invited this guy over. Roberto is his name, I believe.
I started to make them flirt, but then he just randomly ran off. What an oddball.

I’m sorry, Asy, I’ve been neglecting you, haven’t I?
Asy: YESSSSS! And I’m the freakin’ foundress!
Okay, okay, calm down…
By the way, Asy just got one step closer to her LTW today.

Meanwhile, Kynnie invited this guy over. Duncan Jones is his name.

Soon, I learned that they share the Artistic and Evil traits.
Soulmates much? ๐Ÿ™‚

Let the flirting commence!

Awh! They’re so cute!

Well, maybe they aren’t so cute when they’re sucking each other’s faces off. But whatever.

Then, when Duncan had to leave because of curfew, he pulled this face.
Why doesn’t Kynnie pull faces like that?

On a totally unrelated note, Trace is enjoying his Playground Pimp-ness.

Kynnie went over to Roberto’s house the next night.
Why don’t you be Duncan’s girlfriend? He’s totally your soulmate!
Kynnie: I like my men with Egyptian tunics, thank you very much.

They actually did kiss, so that officially makes Kynnie a MANEATER!
Kynnie: An anteater?
No, a maneater.
Never mind, just, never mind…
Also, Kynnie became ROBERTO’S girlfriend, instead of her soulmate Duncan’s.

But then the curfew cops showed up and came to get Kynnie.

Then Kynnie got a lecture for staying out late.

The next day, a cake appeared on the table!
But who’s cake is it?


Who’s cake is on the table?
Will Kynnie stay with Roberto, or go with Duncan?
Will I ever stop neglecting Asy? (sorry!)
When will the frackin’ heir poll come up?

Find out in…

Chapter 1.9! (SPOILER ALERT: Chapter 1.9 will just be whoever-is-aging-up’s birthday and me interviewing Cas, Kynnie, and Trace about the heir poll at the end of the chapter)

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to 1.7. Right now, I’m really far ahead in-game, and I’ll probably post 1.8 in a day or two.
Does anyone else notice the coincidence that this is chapter 1.7 and it’s “The Fastest 7 Days. Ever.”?
Also, I forgot to tell you that Kynnie got the trait Snob for her last birthday, and Cas got the trait Green Thumb.
Anyways, we left off where everyone (and I mean everyone) in the Luhm household aged up.
Now, what’s everyone up to?

Fix it.
There’s poopy in there!
Really, poop in a toilet? That’s sooo unheard of…
Yeah, totally!

Since Kynnie aged into a child, she shares a room with Cas. I decided to split it up just because it looks cool. Obviously, the pink side is Kynnie’s and Cas’s is brown.

Voice, I require your assistance.
What is it, Kynnie?
It’s Kyn now. And I need you to do my homework.
It will always be Kynnie! And no, I won’t do your homework.
You imbecile! When I take over the world, you’ll be sorry!
You can’t see me, but I’m laughing right now.

Since Cas is now a Green Thumb, I decided that she should plant a garden.

Every day, the girls go to school, and Billy goes to work. Since Asy has work at night, she stays home and teaches Trace all his skills.

Asy: Okay Trace, say, “Sometimes, when you become a founder to a legacy, you have to sleep on a bench.
Trace: Benches are รผber cool!
Asy: Good enough!

Also, Billy helps the girls with their homework like a good Dad. (Even though he isn’t Cas’s dad.)
Billy: Uh no, I don’t know how to take over the world.
Kynnie: Drat!

Kynnie: Hey Trace, as my minion, you must give me your candy.
Trace: Ooh, candy! I want some candy!

Kynnie: Well, it’s mine now! Muahahaha!

Trace: Well then, I’m not your minion!
Kynnie: Uh, you can have your lollipop back!
Trace: Still not your minion!

Kynnie: Okay then, it’s totally mine now! Muahahaa…
You’re mean.
Kynnie: I’m EVIL!

Meanwhile, I bought the Luhms a new shower, just because the old one broke every other time you used it.

Either I lost track of time, or time just went faster, because before I knew it, there was a popup stating that Trace’s birthday was today. I bought a cake, and only Asy was there to help celebrate Trace’s transition into childhood.

Bwahahahaha Trace, you look like a girl!
Shut up! Hey, you’re a new voice in my head.
I’m not gonna ask.

Besides, I’m the most masculine guy ever!
Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.

Trace wearing his swimsuit/underwear.
How do you like your new makeover, Trace?
I look like a mini-pimp!
You need some gold teeth for that. Why don’t you put a shirt on?
I’m too manly and SEXY for shirts!
You’re just like your mother, only she wears shirts.
Mah momma is coo’, foo’!
Please, drop the gangster act…

And I leave you with a picture of the nursery converted for Trace’s room, because he sure doesn’t want to share a room with his older sisters.

Will Kynnie stop being evil?
Will Trace ever put a shirt on?
Why am I neglecting Cas? (Sorry Cas!)
What ever happened to Hal?
What will Kynnie look like as a teen?
Will Trace ever drop his gangster act?

Find out in…

Chapter 1.8! (Which will be a really long chapter, just warning ya.)

Thanks for reading! (Sorry this chapter was so short, by the way…)

Sorry for being such a lazy bum and not getting this chapter out until now.
Now, Asy just had an ickle widdle baby boy named Trace, who’s really Good to his parents, but a bit wacky and Insane.


Author’s Note: The only purpose of this chapter is birthdays and such, which is why it’s a half-chapter sort of ordeal.

First up is Billy, who’s birthday really snuck up on me. >.<
Whoo! Yeah! Birthday time!

Yay, go Billy! I love birthdayz!
Don’t you mean birthdays?
No, I mean birthdayz.

Haha Billy, you’re getting oooold!
Wait a sec, what? NO! MY SCHMECKSINESS!

Aha yeah, still schmecksay.
Shmecksay? And shave that stubble, it makes you look like a slob.
Well I am a slob, duh! And Asy thinks it’s sexy.
It’s official; Billy is a full-fledged adult now.

The next morning, I aged up baby Trace early, like I did with Kynnie. (As I’ve stated before, I dislike the Baby stage…)
Speaking of Kynnie, where is she in all this?

Stupid…*smacks*…Cas…*smacks*…won’t be…*smacks*…my minion!*smacks*

…And Trace sparkles into toddlerhood! He’s a cutie.

Post-makeover shot!
DARN IT! *punches a wall* None of the kiddies inherited Asy’s lovely cyan-colored eyes.
Cas has Hal’s grey eyes, and Kynnie and Trace have Billie’s green eyes.
I really wanted to see some cyan-eyed children. There better be some recessive genes in there…
But I do like that each of the kid’s has a different hair color.

After Trace’s birthday, Kynnie and Trace rendezvoused at the block table.
Kynnie: So young brother, Trace, I have a wee bit of a favor to ask you.
Trace: Okay sissa.
Kynnie: Now, I was wondering, when I take over the world, will you be one of my minions?
Trace: Yes sissa.
Kynnie: Excellent!

Next up was our lurvely foundress, Asy!
Billy: Haha, you’re getting old!
Asy: I’m younger than you, you nitwit!

What happened?
You’re an adult.
I already was an adult though…
A young adult…

And now for the penultimate birthday, our eldest child, Cas!
Hmmm, what am I gonna wish for…?
Are you gonna wish for a boyfriend?!
No, boys are ick-

Cas is now a teenager! And looks like an old lady…
Shut up!

Yay for makeovers! (Though she still looks pudgy like in her childhood)

Finally, it’s Kynnie’s turn to age into a child!
Asy: Ahah, I love birthdayz.
You mean-never mind…

And Kynnie transitions into a child glitchily (if that’s a word.)
Kynnie seems to be a bit chubby as well…
And she has grown accustomed to the good ole’ legacy voice in her head already.

…And that’s where we leave off!

Will Kynnie ever get along with Cas?
Will Kynnie and Cas stop being pudgy?
Will Trace be pudgy?
Will I ever stop saying the word pudgy?

Find out the answers to these shallow questions about weight in…

Chapter 1.7!

Hope you enjoyed, and good bye!

Sorry for the late-ness on this chapter! Stupid procrastinator me…
HAPPY (almost) VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE! *dances around in a circle*
‘Tis the holiday of love…
Anyways, since we left off, Kynnie turned into a toddler.


Let’s see what the Luhms are up to today!

No one go in the living room/kitchen!

Then I decided that they needed to quit being boring so I had Billy throw a party! Woo!

The guests started to arrive, and Mustache Man decided to play in the sprinkler. WIth his clothes on.
Oh well, you can’t suppress MUSTACHE MAN!

Billy also invited his EX-ROMANTIC INTEREST! *scary music*
And yes, I was as shocked as you when I learned he had one.
But he dumped her the day he met Asy. Awhhh….

Asy was…er…quite popular with the guys at the party…
Mustache Man changed into a Speedo. (Yikes!)
Her boss, Jon Lessen was staring at her. (Ew!)
And even that kid in the background was making an :O face at her. (Yikes and Ew!)

That kid, whose name is Othello, who is also the adopted son of Billy’s EX-ROMANTIC INTEREST *scary music*, is also Cas’s best friend. They became best friends over 1 game of tag, which I find suspicious, but he’s potential spouse material!
Cas: Boys are icky! They have cooties!

Cas: Uhm sir, I have to ask you to change or to leave…
Pedo/Mustache Man: Hello, little girl. Your mother told me to come and get you because she’s hurt. Come in my van, I’ve got candy…

Cas: Uh, I’m no idiot, my mother is standing three feet away from you and she looks ready to slap you in the face.
Pedo: She’s an impostor! She’s way too sexy to be your mom!
Cas: Leave, asshole.

Woo! Go Cas!
Cas: Yay me!

Meanwhile, there was another creeper to take care of.

Creeper #2: Hey there sexy.
Asy: What?
Creeper #2: In the words of Lady Gaga, “Let’s have some fun this beat is sick, do you wanna take a ride on my disco stick?”
Asy: That sounds uh, odd…What’s a disco stick, Voicey?

He means he wants too WooHoo with you, Asy.
Asy: Ewwwww!

I don’t want to be a backwards camel again, which will mean I will spawn another Worm-Sausage, which means I will have another kid!
But Creeper #2 wasn’t in luck, because Billy heard…

Woo! Go Billy!
Oh my plumbob, Asy wasn’t lieing about a voice in her head!
Yup, I’m the Official Voice of the Luhmacy. Everyone in this family will have heard me at one time.
Whew, my wife isn’t really insane…
Hate to burst your bubble, but she is.

No witty commentary needed. ;D

And there’s no surprise that Asy’s throwing her guts up again.

I feel the urge to rub my belly as if there’s a baby in there!
That’s because there is one in there!
Awwwh darn it.

Asy: Hey guess what Billy, I’m pregnant!
Billy: You get a thumbs-up!

Kynnie: Mother, look! This is Rupert, and he is my minion.
Asy: That’s nice, honey, just let mommy eat her cake.
Kynnie: Mother, the cake is a lie.

Kynnie: Sister dear, I have a request for you.
Cas: Yes, Kynnie?
Kynnie: Be my minion.
Cas: Uhm, no.
Kynnie: HOW DARE YOU?!
Cas: I don’t want to be anyone’s minion.
Kynnie: I hate you!

Kynnie: I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat! Everybody look at me ’cause I’m sailin’ on a boat! I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat! Take a good hard look at the mothercluckin’ boat!
The song is “I’m on a Boat” by The Lonely Island. ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, lazy ole’ me forgot to take pictures during Asy’s final pregnancy. Sorry, nothing too interesting happened except Kynnie being cute and Cas struggling with homework and Billy being Billy and Asy being insane and this being a run-on sentence.

Everyone got used to labor, so they just continued daily life.
Asy: Oh my god, OWWWW, you guys, OWWWWW, suck, OWWWW!

After a few hard hours of labor, Asy turned all sparkly.

And a little baby boy sparkled into this world! His name is Trace Roland Luhm. Awwwhh!
Finally, there’s a little bit more testosterone in the Luhm household!

…And that’s where this chapter ends.
But there will be a PART 2! I’ll try to publish it ASAP.

In part 2, there will be…
Birthdays and did I mention

Everyone, and I mean everyone, in the Luhm household will age up!

Thanks for reading, even though I haven’t published a chapter in 5 days! ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome to a very exciting installment of the Luhmacy! Since I’m way too far ahead for my own good, this is gonna be a long chapter with lots of stuff in it.
We left off where Billy and Asy became boyfriend and girlfriend (finally!)

Now, what are Billy and Asy doing now…?

That’s right. To celebrate their relationship, Billy and Asy WooHoo.
Let’s, er, leave them alone. What’s Cas doing?

MOTHER! I’m hungry!

Cas: Mother, who is the strange man in pajama pants standing being us?
Asy: That’s Billy. He’s my boyfriend.
Cas: Boyfriend? What about my father? You said he was a “turd.” Is this man a turd?
Asy: Uh, no, Billy’s nice.
Cas: Poppycock! He looks creepy!
Asy: Now, Billy could be your new daddy one day…
Cas: He’s not my father, you idiot!

I imagine Cas having a British accent, soooo…

Then Asy went to work and…

…came out wearing a schecksay new work outfit!

Finally, Asy taught Cas to walk, because tomorrow was Cas’s birthday.

Awwwwwh, this picture is cute. ๐Ÿ˜€

Then, guess what?
Asy is, yet again, a “backwards camel.”
Holy plumbob voice! I’m gonna be a backwards camel again! This means more worm-sausage that blossom into real children!
I wonder when you’re actually going to get the connection…

So Asy invited Billy over to tell him the news.
She was a bit scared, since when she told Hal she was pregnant, he broke her heart.
Asy: Uh, Billy, do you remember that time we WooHoo’d?
Billy: Yeah, I don’t think I’ll forget that time. *licks lips*

Holy plumbob…
Asy: Uhm well, you see, I just happen to be pregnant…
Billy: Oh my god…

Asy: Look, I can understand if you hate me…
Billy: No no, just one second, I need to ask you something…

Billy: Anastasia Sylvia Luhm, will you do me the great honor of marrying me?
Asy: Oh my Voicey, oh my Voicey, yes! Yes, Billy, yes!

Awwwh, I’m so happy for you Asy!

A good ole fashioned impromptu legacy-style wedding.
And just like that, Commitment Issued Asy is married to Billy.

I decided to give Billy here a makeover. He’s really muscular. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since Billy brought 8,000 Simoleons into the household, I decided to extend the Legacy Shack a little to accomodate Cas when she grows into a child, in her barftastically pink room.

Right after Billy and Asy got married, I decided it was birthday time for Cas!

Either she’s pooping on the floor, or aging up. I’m hoping it’s the latter personally…

Cas gained the trait


for her latest birthday.
To the mirror, Cas! *Queue Batman music*
Holy tamolรฉ! There’s a voice in my head!
Get used to it, I’m sticking with you until you die. Well, if you’re the heiress anyways.

Here’s Cas post-makeover. Sadly, Cas is a little pudgy with her new birthday.
Shut up!

Uh oh voice, I broke the toilet. And it’s dirty!
Just run away before your mother freaks.

Stupid toilet, I’m the pregnant one here! Get Billy to clean it up!

Cute picture of Billy listening to Asy’s belly. He kept rolling wishes like that, it was cute. ๐Ÿ˜€

Holy plumbob! The baby is coming! The baby is coming!

It’s the typical legacy-style labor panic! Yippee!

A few laborous hours later, a baby girl named Kynthia (nicknamed Kyn or Kynnie) Angela Luhm arrived into the world!
Her traits are Artistic and Evil!

Billy couldn’t stop snuggling his little “angel.”

Okay, I was a bad little legacy writer and I aged up Kynthia right away. I just don’t like the baby stage, and I think that toddlers are just the cutest. (At least when they aren’t bawling their eyes out!)

At least (a very stinky) Cas was supportive of her little sister’s birthday, unlike her father who just laughs at every birthday.

Ahhh! The smothering!

Excellent! Out of that blasted cocoon early and I can now reign terror on all the citizens of Riverview!
For some reason, I imagine Kyn talking like Stewie Griffin.

Lastly, I’ll give you a post-makeover picture of little Kynnie! In my opinion, she’s very cute! (But evil!)

This was a really long chapter, and now I’m all caught up!
Sorry there wasn’t as much Asy insanity in this chapter, I really needed to catch up.

What sort of havoc will Kynnie wreak on her family?
Will Cas be un-pudgy when she becomes a teen?
Is this the last baby, or will Asy have another kid?
Will Asy stay committed to Billy?

Find out in…

Chapter 1.6!

Thank you once again for reading!

If you’re American, and you’re reading this, then HAPPY SUPERBOWL DAY! A.K.A. the only day I care about (American) football. If you’re not American, then just pretend those last few sentences just didn’t happen.
By the way, this is gonna be the chapter where you say “Awwww!” and “Yay!” and “Finally!”
Now, where we left off, Cascadia, or Cas, the Holy First Child O’ The Legacy, was about to sparkle into toddlerhood.


And this is darling Cas as a toddler! She’s got some odd lips, though. CURSE YOU, HAL’S GENETICS!

Better face shot. I don’t see much of Asy at all, Cas is like a mini-me of Hal!

I love this shot. And you better too, it took me three minutes just to focus the camera in that far.
Enough Cas spam, let’s go see what’s happenin’ with Asy!

I hate you, Voicey…
It’s not my fault the toilet’s dirty, now is it?
Uh- just go scold that worm thing again!
It’s not a worm, Asy. Or an it.
No! I’m gonna prove you wrong!
I’ll be watching…

Oh my god it’s a baby!
You can’t see me, but I’m making a smug face.
Oh, and don’t think Asy’s being a nice mommy by tossing her daughter in the air. No, she was changing her diaper.
I hate diapers!

The diaper problem was soon fixed, though.
Asy: Okay, poo in the toilet so I don’t have to ever touch your pooey again!
Cas: Ok-ee ma-mee.

I still have to touch the poopy!
Because life just sucks sooo much Asy.
Don’t be sarcastic with me, young man!
I’m not a man!
How am I gonna handle another baby?
Who are you gonna have it with?
I dunno, maybe I have another Man Hunt?
Okay, I’m not supposed to tell you this, but I think it’s for your own good. Billy….loves you…
Oh my plumbob!
I think I left the stove on! We’re all gonna die! Wait, what did you say?
Never mind, you’ll figure it out.

Cas just goes around playing with her stuffed bunny, Bernardo.

Asy had a wish to teach Cas to talk, so here we are.
Asy: Say nacho!
Cas: Nacho!
Asy: I knew you were my spawn!

Asy: Okay, say “I will not light other people on fire.”
Cas: I will not light other people on fire, but if they piss me off, I might.
Asy: Very good!

Later that day…
Hey Billy, we got a lot of cake! Wanna come over and eat some?!
You sound like a crazy person. But you are, so there’s no surprise.
Okay! I’ll see you soon! Bye!

Asy, there’s really something you should know…
Not now! I see his car outside!
No! It’s important!
Fine, what is it? It better be important…
Well, you see, Billy…loves you…
Holy plumbob, I’m an idiot! He’s loved me all this time?!
Yes, and I thought I’d do you a favor.
Okay Voicey, I don’t hate you. You’re like my BFF now!

Asy: Hi Billy!
Billy: Uh, hi… *blush*
Asy: I’m so sorry, Billy, I’m an idiot.
Billy: No you’re not!
Asy: Just shut up and kiss me!


Asy: So uh, Billy?
Billy: Yes?
Asy: Will you be my…boyfriend?
Billy: I’ve been waiting years for you to ask me that! Yes! Of course!

I just got a bazillion warm fuzzies inside…
The sad thing is that right after Asy asked Billy to be her boyfriend, she immediately got a wish to break up with him.
No Asy, just no.
Now, where is Cas during all this?

Bernardo, you must know that your ear is quite scrumptious.

And I’ll leave you with this uber-cute picture.

Will Billy and Asy be a happy couple?
Will Cas learn her last life skill? (Walking)
When will Asy have another baby? (Because we need an heir poll, people!)

Find out in…

Chapter 1.5!

Thanks for reading! This was a happy chapter, yay!